Utilizing multiple channels throughout a campaign can help you

As a marketing agency owner, my clients are always coming to me to talk about the “next big thing” in advertising. They want to try email, social media or paid ads. They’ve heard about success on a certain platform and want to throw all of their marketing budget in that direction.

Unfortunately, I’ve never found this kind of approach successful. When you only invest in one marketing channel, you’re narrowing your reach pretty significantly. If some audience members aren’t engaging with that platform, you’ll be unable to reach them.

While one marketing channel might bring in the majority of your leads or customers, you still may want to diversify your strategy. A multichannel marketing strategy allows you to connect with more leads, as well as stay top of mind with your customers. By showcasing content and ads through a variety of platforms, you don’t have to worry as much about being overlooked.

Let’s take a deeper look into why a multichannel marketing strategy can work and how you can create one of your own.

What is a multichannel marketing strategy?

When working with my clients, I’ve found that there can be some confusion about what a multichannel marketing strategy really is. Some believe that simply running campaigns on different marketing channels constitutes a multichannel marketing strategy. However, a true multichannel marketing strategy utilizes multiple platforms for the same campaign. For example, a campaign would include similar ads across social media platforms, paid advertisements, email and other platforms.

How does a multichannel marketing strategy work?

Individuals use the internet in different ways. Some only use it during work, while others spend all day scanning through social media or blogs. Others may avoid the internet altogether. A multichannel marketing strategy is designed to reach all of these audience members in one way or another.

Multichannel marketing takes advantage of multiple communication channels, such as social media, direct mail, text messaging and more to not only expand a campaign’s reach but also to create a stronger impression with audience members. An audience member might read a blog post, see a social media post and get a

direct mailer all about the same campaign. This improves their recollection of your company and what you offer and could encourage them to purchase.

How can you create a multichannel marketing strategy?

Creating a multichannel marketing campaign doesn’t need to be difficult, you just need to know where to start.

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